Prime Ambassador

Prime Ambassador is a premium watch brand that brings the gap between classic lifestyle and functional fashion. We focused on content creation and all things between watch cultures.

Our partnership brings the brand to its growth, by creating the ecommerce platform that embraces the product-led storytelling as its developing strategy.

Webdesign work process

Brand & product storytelling

We developed strategy, brand and creative design of the site. We created and later launched the Ecommerce platform and brought the Prime Ambassador brand to its level now.

Website design comparison
Website design comparison
eCommerce home page website design
Watch product page
Dark Product page web design
White Product page web design
card sidebar design
website checkout design

Designed for Touch

Our navigational structure and designs are adapted properly for all types of devices, according to consumer's behavior and demands.

Ecommerce responsive design
Ecommerce responsive design
Ecommerce responsive design

Logotype Redesign

We updated Prime Ambassador branding with a new logotype and packaging design.

Story page design

High Level Product Rendering

Product rendering is about design, process and aesthetic balance. We captured mechanical details of the product and presented it in the form of photo realistic renderings.

Watch render
Watch rendering
Render a watch

Inventory and Identity

Craftsmanship brings attention to detail and distinct personality of the product. Development of Prime Ambassador is the combination of experience and timeless perfection.

and Brochure

Our team highlighted the authentic details on the packaging and brochure. It is acceptable and unique, has a lasting impression between a brand and clients.

Make a Story Real

Prime Ambassador has its story, and this story comes real within information and cultural context. We connected brand campaigns, strategy, editorial content and product story to help clients to understand what they love.

Story page design

Making Brand Photoshooting

We focused on striking photography that attracts by its classic lifestyle and impeccability. Product pages show unique stories created around features and values of watches.

Brading photoshooting
Brading photoshooting
Brading photoshooting
Brading photoshooting
Brading photoshooting
Brading photoshooting
Brading photoshooting
Brading photoshooting
Roud Studio is the key to our success. They helped us bring our vision to life - and without them we wouldn't be where we're at today.

Not only are they great designers and coders, but they actually understand you as a client and help bring your project forward. Everyone in their team was always well-notified on the latest status, very communicative and listens to you as a client. I would recommend Roud Studio to anyone who is looking for a seriously good agency.

Emil Dayan
CEO, Prime Ambassador

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